When to Start Shopping for a Wedding Dress


So you’ve set the date for your wedding, and it’s a full year away. Even though you’ve got a long-held dream of how it’s going to be, in reality there are lot of wedding plans to make and details to tie-up, enough to make your head spin, but you’ve got plenty of time to get it all together, right? Wrong! A year is a tight timeline in which to prepare for your nuptials, but with a little organization, scheduling, and help from friends and family, it can be done. One thing you need to get started on right away is choosing and fitting your wedding dress. Unless you’re planning to wear an heirloom dress, a wedding dress can take almost a year to choose and make. Here are a few essential milestones in the creation of a wedding dress.

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12 Months

  • Set your budget. Start with determining how much you can afford to spend on a dress. Don’t forget to take into consideration costs like taxes, necessary alterations, and accessories like shoes, jewelry, and a veil.
  • Start looking. Browse the catalogues and magazines to get some ideas. Consider your wedding venue, will it be formal or more casual? Consider the silhouette that looks right with your unique body shape.
  • Choose your assistants. Your Mom will be a valued co-shopper, and a best friend or two. But stick to just a couple of assistants, too many opinions will only confuse you.
  • Start shopping! Making a final decision will take the most time. Get started now.

10 months

  • Make your purchase. Be prepared to put down at least half the final cost of your dress as a deposit. Go over all the details with your designer to make absolutely sure everything is correct. It can take up to five months to complete and deliver, so there’s little room for mistakes.

5 months

  • Choose your Shoes
  • Shop for your undergarments
  • Select your veil & hair accessories
  • Decide on your jewelry

2 months

  • Have your first fitting. Accessories included.

6 weeks

  • Have your second fitting. Decide on any other extras and last minute changes.

2 weeks

  • Your final fitting. Last chance to make any minor alterations, too late for anything else. Pick up your wedding gown and find a safe place to store it until the big day.

Your wedding day

  • Final checks. Bring a handheld steaming tool along to take care of any wrinkles, allow plenty of time to get ready, and enjoy your London, ON wedding day!

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